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Halloween Reads!

Halloween Reads!

Halloween is many people’s favourite holiday...it’s the chance to indulge your darker side, binge horror movies and dress up in costumes that might result in a confused look any other time of the year. 

To celebrate this time of horror and trickery, we gathered five great books perfect for Halloween. From the classic to the modern, there’s something here to raise the hairs on the back of your neck whatever your taste...


One of the most iconic spooky books, Frankenstein has become a staple part of Halloween culture (though Frankenstein is still mistakenly thought to be the name of the monster, rather than his human creator!) Mary Shelley’s classic tells the story of a young scientist who creates a sapient creature in the name of scientific advancement, but the results can only be described as terrifying. 

The Maidens 

Think The Secret History, but scarier! This literary thriller weaves together Greek mythology, psychology and murder all in the striking setting of Cambridge University. Definitely a blood-soaked read, beware that you might want to forgo trick or treating so you can keep reading this book! 


Stephen King is known by many as the king of horror fiction, so it was hard to narrow down his huge selection of offerings to just one! In our opinion, though, It remains the pinnacle of Stephen King novels. Scary clowns, teenagers returning to the scene of horror as adults, the typical sleepy town setting - it has all the ingredients of a terrific Halloween read. 

The Winter People

Imagine a town full of dark legends and mysterious disappearances...this book is full of the familiar dark horror tropes we love, but spun through with themes of unbreakable mother/daughter bonds. Get sucked up into the mystery, but we’ll warn you that you may believe in ghosts after!


We had to end with another classic - Dracula is another iconic part of the Halloween canon, with vampires as we think of them today born in Bram Stoker’s brilliant classic. Forget Twilight, this is vampire fiction at its original and best!