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Well Read Company Book Reviews: Beauty and the Beast

Well Read Company Book Reviews: Beauty and the Beast

Our favourite fantasy design is Beauty and the Beast, the classic French romance. This iconic story has charmed generations for hundreds of years, transformed from a small folk tale to an internationally recognised Disney phenomenon. It was first published in a fairy tale volume in 1740 by French author Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, and has since been adapted into hundreds of plays, artworks, films and stories. With its ability to capture the imagination of people of all ages all around the world, it remains one of the most cherished fairy stories of all time. 

The most recognised version of the tale follows Beauty, a young woman who stumbles across a fantastical castle and goes to steal a red rose she finds there. As punishment, the Beast who finds her makes her his prisoner. When he eventually allows her to leave when her father falls ill, she realises she is actually in love with the Beast when the rest of the villagers go to hunt him. The story has taught generations of children not to judge someone by their appearance, and that kindness is the most important trait, above beauty, brains or power. 

Our ruby red design pays homage to the iconic rose from the story, showcasing it against an illustrious gold pattern. A perfect gift for any fans of Disney and all things fairy tale, allowing the wearer to escape from reality into a world of romance. 

Arguably one of the reasons Beauty and the Beast has remained such a cherished tale over the years is the truth hidden amongst the fantasy. Beauty is a girl who longs for escape and adventure, rather than just a simple husband. The Beast may originally be portrayed as the villain, but he has just made a mistake - as we all have, and we end up rooting for him to break his curse and to learn to trust again. Above all, love stories have the power to enchant us again and again, as the fear of never finding love is a universal human condition. 

We’re so proud to be able to pay homage to such a beloved and important tale. Join us in honouring this timeless literary creation by treating yourself to our Beauty and the Beast collection!