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Well Read Company Book Reviews: Emma by Jane Austen

Well Read Company Book Reviews: Emma by Jane Austen

Channel your inner Emma Woodhouse and feel full of confidence when using one of our gorgeous bags! A firm favourite within the classic romance genre, Emma is full of the amusing mishaps and confusions love can lead to. The beautiful red and gold design is sure to please any bookworm, as well as celebrating one of Britain's most cherished authors.

The famous story of many entangled love affairs is celebrated with our brand new design, which is based on the original 1815 book cover designed by Hugh Thomson. The delicate red and gold pattern is printed onto our whole range of book bags and purses, including our famous handbag that looks like a book.

“I always deserve the best treatment because I never put up with any other.’’

Emma Woodhouse remains one of Austen’s most memorable and irresistible characters. Arrogant, spoiled and bossy, Emma uses her privilege to meddle with the love lives of her social circle. Yet her good intentions are misguided at best, and what follows is a comedic tangle of miscommunicated affections. We promise, it’s the historical version of a dating reality show, but better!

In our opinion, Emma is Austen’s wittiest book. Full of the machinations of Emma to the fretful confusion of Harriet, it has the typical confusion of being young and in love in spades. Also, a lighthearted romance is much needed by all after the stressful past year we’ve all had, which makes Emma even more enjoyable to read. Any Austen bookworm is sure to love all of our Emma products, allowing them to show off their passion for one of the first feminist authors! 

'She was one of those, who, having, once begun, would be always in love.’

Who isn’t charmed by gracious Edwardian gentleman and depictions of genteel 19th Century life? In our modern age filled with stress and fast-paced lifestyles, returning to an Austen classic is a welcome escape to a different world. Imagine that you too are being courted by Mr Knightley or attending one of Crown Inn’s exciting balls. Austen manages to deliver warm witty romance whilst still showing us what life was like during this age, from the difficulties women faced in marriage to the Napoleonic War.

If you’ve enjoyed any of the wonderful recent Emma adaptations, from the hilarious Clueless to the extravagant 2020 Emma film, this novel could be the perfect way to dip your toe into Austen’s literature. If you like your politics and social commentary sneakily wrapped up under gentle wit and romance, Emma reigns supreme! Celebrate one of the heroines of English Literature by checking out our gorgeous new book bag designs, and pay homage to one of the greatest female works in history.

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