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Well Read Company Book Reviews: Alice in Wonderland

Well Read Company Book Reviews: Alice in Wonderland

One of our most summery designs has to be Lewis Carroll’s wonderful childhood classic: Alice in Wonderland. Our artfully crafted products, including our famous handbag that looks like a book, feature Sir John Tenniel’s original 1865 artwork. Grab your book bag or purse for the bookworm in your life before they all sell out!  

Alice in Wonderland is one of the most famous children’s stories, beloved by all ages for it’s sheer absurdity and escapism. It is a true departure from reality, inspiring a whole host of films, artwork and parties all centering  about the madness of the world down the rabbit-hole. Celebrate this 1865 masterpiece with our classic design, which still holds all the magic it did on it’s publication 155 years ago. 


“How long is forever?”
“Sometimes, just one second.”

The novel begins with a young Alice bored on the riverbank with her elder sister, when she spots the iconic White Rabbit hurrying past her. Upon following the rabbit she ends up falling down the rabbit hole after him, creating the start of her journey and the start of the madness! A whole host of wonderful memorable characters meet Alice on her adventures in Wonderland, from the cruel Queen of Hearts to the enigmatic Cheshire Cat. Each one of them has imprinted itself on international culture, showing the timelessness of Carroll’s creation.

The novel’s endurance is also due to the host of moral lessons which can be drawn from what at first seems to be an entirely nonsensical story. Reading the book teaches children to stand up to bullies, to not let their childish open mindedness and imagination be stamped out, and the importance of knowing oneself. 

We can definitely see why Alice in Wonderland remains such a welcome escape from the real world. In our collection we celebrate the absurd with designs in green, pink, and purple - we invite you to embrace the madness!

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle.”