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Festive Gifts for Bookworms

Festive Gifts for Bookworms

Stuck on what to buy your bookish friends without going for the obvious (a book)? Look no further, we're here to help!

Blankets and throws

As any bookworm will tell you, the perfect cosy reading nook is an absolute must. Colourful blankets and throws not only add an aesthetic touch to a reading room, but are also perfect for making yourself as comfortable as possible during these dark winter months. 


Another key aspect to the reading experience has to be atmosphere! Scented candles not only look beautiful but it’s been scientifically proven that pleasing scents boost our mood and help us relax. Buy your loved ones candles that emit their favourite scents, which will be the perfect accompaniment to their reading sessions. 


Bookmarks are an ideal present for any bibliophile because they’ll always be needed! For an extra personalised touch, why don’t you design the bookmark yourself - it doesn’t matter if you’re not particularly arty! The recipient of this gift is sure to appreciate your hard work and creativity. 

Fanart commissions 

If you know that your loved one is a big fan of one particular story or character, why not commission some fanart for them? Posters of illustrations of our favourite books are a lovely personalised gift, and it’s sure to be unique. If you have any artistic talent, consider making the art yourself! 

Well Read Company handbag or purse

It goes without saying that we think the best gift for any bookworm is a handbag or purse based on classic literature! Perfect for any budget, our range of accessories cater to all bookworms and their needs. What better way to celebrate your love for reading!